Once again the Christchurch Food Festival Education Trust is running cookery days in Christchurch primary schools and for the first time has a placement student from the Nutrition department at Bournemouth University. Seyma Alma who hails from Istanbul is studying for a Masters degree in Nutrition and behaviouial Sciences. This year the Trust is running ten days of cookery workshops with children ranging from 7 to 11 years of age and Seyma is advising on current nutrional information and reveiwing the benefits after the children have taken part.

CFFET schools organiser and trustee Mary Reader explains “food plays an important role in the development of a child’s brain especially in the early years of a child’s life. For some pregnant women and children, getting all of these nutrients can be a challenge. Certain vitamins and minerals impact the development of young child’s brain, but protein and fat play a crucial role.

We always try to create recipes which give the children examples of how they can incorporate these food nutrients in their everyday meals and so far the recipes have been a great success with children making and eating recipes such as spicy stir fried pork and vegetables, Trout tagine with ratatouille, Spanish Omelette with tomato and pomegrate salad, Lamb Pilau and sugar free cookies. Families who are vegetarian, especially those who are vegan, may find it particularly challenging and we have been particularly concerned to advise on the right choice of alternative foods.”

Children are taught basic cookery skills and are encouraged to cook the recipes at home.

For more information and to see the recipes go to www.cffet.org.uk