These recipes represent the ones that we have used during our primary school cookery days for the past thirteen years, in most of which children actually cook in small well-supervised groups. As we have limited equipment in schools and we usually have a full class of children cooking each recipe, these recipes have mostly been designed to be cooked on the stove-top and very few require an oven. We have marked those suitable for vegetarians with a [V] by the title of each such recipe. However, for vegans they will require a change of some ingredients. These days there are plenty of alternatives to dairy and meat products.

While working in schools we are always careful to check with teachers and parents to ensure that allergies and general dietary requirements are taken seriously, and we often adapt recipes each morning to reassure teaching staff. We always emphasise the healthy eating aspects of our recipes. What we have learnt is just how much the children enjoy our sessions, especially as they get to taste the food after they have helped to cook it. Many of them find that they like food that they had previously disliked, others are just keen to try different flavours. They take the recipes home and are very proud when they cook them for the family.

Please note that we never use nuts in schools, but some may appear in these recipes if they are considered an authentic ingredient of the recipe.


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