The Christchurch Food Festival Education Trust (CFFET) takes the protection of personal data seriously and has always kept secure any personal data it stores.

On 25 May 2018 new General Data Protection Regulation (GDP) came into force which strengthened current laws to give individuals more rights regarding how their personal information is handled by others. This regulation is overseen by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO)

CFFET is not a member organisation, nor does it conduct marketing, it therefore holds no databases for such reasons.

The Trust is a non-profit organisation, exempt from ICO registration.

Personal data held by CFFET is for the legitimate running of the Trust and to undertake its work.
The Trust’s files are stored on a laptop computer that is password-protected.
Where personal data is held, this is stored within the Trust’s files on a password-protected document.

Enquiries regarding the holding and/or storage of personal information held by CFFET should be addressed to the Chairman in the first instance by email to

The Trust will:

  • Publish a record of what kind of personal data it holds and how it is used 
  • Keep the data it holds safe and secure
  • Ensure that individuals who believe that CFFET holds their personal information can request details by contacting
  • Ensure that the rights of individuals under GDPR are actioned when a request is made. In the event of a data breach, the Chairman of the Trustees will be notified immediately who will notify this through the appropriate ICO procedure
  • Ensure those individuals whose data CFFET needs to store know why it is needed
  • Use only photographs with permission or in the public domain
  • Dispose of data no longer required in a safe and efficient way
  • Check ICO Registration requirements when reviewing this policy
  • Review this Policy every three years