“I am going to tell my sister how much sugar is in coke because she is obsessed with it” is just one of the comments being made by the children at Christchurch Junior School this week. Did you know that there is 35g of sugar in a 330ml can of coke, that is almost 9 sugar cubes!

This is just one of the many comments being made by the children following the first of the primary school cookery days this year. Not only are the children learning about food labelling, but working out the quantity of sugar in popular drinks. Also on the menu is a hands on cooking class where the children learn how to make a Mediterranean fish stew and another table where the children learn about the nutritional value of vegetables, while making a Chicken Chow Mein.

The children get to taste the food and finally share with their class what they have learned throughout the session. It is surprising just how many children say that they do like food that they previously thought they wouldn’t like!


Thank you ever so much for the cookery workshops you delivered for Y5. It was absolutely amazing seeing the children trialling new foods and asking questions about nutrition. They all came away enthused and excited by what they had seen and many of them have gone home to make the recipes that they saw in the workshop.

I know it is a huge amount of organising, buying food, getting a team together and then being on your feet all day to then deliver the workshop, but my goodness is it appreciated. We are very fortunate to have had you in not just the two days for Y5 but also for Y4.

Charlotte Dadds
Year 5 team leader