We have all heard the phrase “they are eating me out of house and home”, the cost of healthy eating can be a little overwhelming to some. But it doesn’t have to be! This blog will explore our best tips for eating healthy on a budget.

Tip 1 – Buy wonky veg

Buying wonky veg is believed to save you up to 30% off standard prices! Why spend more just for the shape when the nutritional content is the same? So save those extra pennies and look for the discounted wonky looking vegetables.

Tip 2 – Buy the supermarkets own brands

Research suggests families can save up to £1200 a year if they make the switch to supermarket own brands. There is absolutely nothing different with their own brands in terms of nutrition. Try making a few swaps and see if you can reduce the shopping bill.

Tip 3 – Frozen Veg and canned vegetables, pulses and beans

Frozen fruit is just as nutritious as non-frozen, it is even argued that frozen fruit is even more rich in nutrients as they aren’t sitting around on shelfs and instead in the freezer where the nutrients are preserved. This is also great for not wasting food. You can take out what you need from the frozen bag and keep the rest fresh and frozen for when you need it next!

Tip 4 – Make bulk meals and freeze them

Making bulk meals will mean you can buy one set of ingredients, cook up a big batch and freeze the meals you don’t need for another time. Try doing this a couple of times and you will begin to build a variety of frozen meals you can just grab and defrost, saving time and money!!

Tip 5 – Buy foods at the end of the day

Have you ever visited the supermarkets towards the end of the day? They drop their prices on the food that won’t last till the next day, so try shopping just before dinner and pick up some good price drops to cook up for dinner that night!

Tip 6 – Online Shopping

Have you become victim to the way supermarkets cleverly arrange their food items? Putting that extra box of pastries in your trolley, or the bag of crisps that was on offer on the end of the aisle that you didn’t intend on buying? These purchases add up and supermarkets love it when we fall for it! Try shopping online, plan the meals you need and only buy the items on your list.

Tip 7 – Buy local

Try buying from a local fruit and veg market, not only is it great to support your local community, the food is also super fresh and often cheaper!

Tip 8 – Eat seasonally

Eating out of season can really increase the shopping bill so be aware of what is in season for where you live and try to eat seasonally!

Lastly, spend a little time looking at your food bills, see where your money is going and see if there are any alternatives that could reduce the bill. Eating healthily doesn’t have to be expensive, maybe a little more planning and preparation but you really can eat healthy on a budget!