Sponsored by Christchurch Rotary Club, organised by Christchurch Food Festival Education Trust The objectives are:
  1. Develop Cookery Skills
  2. Develop food presentation skills
  3. Consider healthy eating options
  4. Prove organisational and planning skills
  5. Prove the ability to cope in a demanding situation
Entrants The competition is open to all pupils in year 10 of Christchurch secondary schools. The Competition
  1. To design a two course healthy meal for 2 people, main course and dessert for an occasion of the students choice
  2. The cost should be no more than £8 per head.
  3. The cooking time shall not exceed 1.5 hours
  4. Preparation time is included in the cooking time.
  5. To include written notes of the reasons for choice.
These timings are an essential part of the Competition and judges will deduct marks for meals not finished on time. Marks will be awarded for the colour, balance, flavour, texture and nutritional value of the ingredients chosen, how the meal is to be prepared and the range of skills that each menu requires. The ingredients for each meal must be accurately costed. Judging This will be carried out in each school on Monday 22 April 2015 by Lesley Waters. Colette Neaum, the President of Christchurch Rotary Club and Mary Reader, President of the Christchurch Food and Wine Festival. Students will need to cook their main course and dessert in 1 ½ hours. They will also need to prepare their reasons for choice on a separate piece of paper. Prizes
  1. Up to 10 finalists in every school will receive a signed copy of a cookbook from Lesley Waters.
  2. The top three contestants in each school will be given a day at Lesley Waters cookery school and receive a piece of cookware.
After the marking has taken place, the judges will comment on the presentations and announce the result. The judges’ decision is final.